Alien Outbreak Escape Room



Alien Outbreak 

                                                                                    *Limited for 6 members from the same household only

                                           Alien Outbreak will be closed until further notice. Please check back for further updates 

COVID-19 Update: WEM Announcement


Large Alien Outbreak Escape Room Guidelines:
Alien Escape room will be open the same as Ed’s Bowling Hours

$25/person with a limit of 6 person per game


  • Pre-game Introduction by a staff member will be done outside the room, before your group enters.
  • We recommend participants are from the same household to ensure social distancing is maintained 2 meters apart inside the room.
  • Plastic gloves will be provided for all the players and we encourage participants to wear a mask.
  • During the pre-show, a staff member will go to the operating booth and will stay there until the game is over to monitor the game.
  • Each room is sanitized after every use and will have a 15 minute interval period before a next group is brought in. There will be a half an hour interval for each admission for cleaning purposes.
  • Sanitizer is available upon entry.


Book online now. 

Take your place as a part of Team Hermes 7 at our newest attraction, Alien Outbreak Escape Room. Investigate what happened to the crew of Moon Colony Persephone before you run out of oxygen - or worse.

Each session can accommodate up to 6 people, so you may be in the same room with other players. If you would like to ensure a private session, please book a Full Room Exclusive Ticket.

Each session is approximately 55 minutes in length and includes orientation and safety videos. Total gameplay is 45 minutes.





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