Experience the state of the art electric Sodi race karts in North America's FIRST indoor multilevel race track!

The race track features a fully themed New York streetscape filled with adrenaline rush that will keep you wanting more. This isn’t the old school karts you grew up with! Live for the ride with speed, performance, and precision.


DRIVE Go kart

DRIVE Go kart

DRIVE Go kart


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NOTE: Any racer under 18 must have an adult 18+ present to sign their waiver. Drivers must be minimum 14 years of age to drive. 


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Fall League Top 10 Race Times

Place Race Day Nickname Best Lap
1 2023-11-12 FADZ_ 23.722
2 2023-11-17 CHOSEN ONE 24.066
3 2023-11-09 GGUZIZLORD 24.367
4 2023-11-02 TRAIN420 25.289
5 2023-11-13 SOGGYBEANS 25.450
6 2023-11-06 EDGERTON17 25.614
7 2023-11-06 LEROUX72 25.793
8 2023-11-06 CRACKEL 26.012
9 2023-11-06 ANGELSTUD 26.387
10 2023-11-06 IAMSPEED69 27.055