Frequently asked questions

Spectators are free to watch from the viewing deck on a limited capacity.

All drivers must be 54” inches or 138cm in order to drive. Drivers must be minimum 12 years of age. Please visit the rules and regulations page for more details.

Shirt and closed toe shoes with socks are required. Socks are available for purchase on site for guests wearing footwear without socks. Guest wearing skirts/ dresses etc will be provided a race suit. All loose clothing and hair longer than shoulder length must be secured.

Face masks can be worn in the common areas of the facility but is optional to be worn while racing. All seats and karts will also be sanitized for your safety and comfort along with access to sanitizer stations throughout the track.

Personal helmets must be Department of transportation (DOT), CSA, BSI or ECE approved with a full face cover and visor.

For safety, no picture or videos are permitted to be taken while riding.

Races are booked on a first come first serve basis but tickets can be pre-purchased 24 hours in advance online. No ‘same day’ online booking. Failure to show up on time for scheduled race time / orientation will result in forfeit of the booking with no refunds.

Green Flag– Go! Yellow Flag– Caution, Slow Down. Red Flag– STOP! There could be an accident on the track. A Rolled Black Flag Means Warning. You are being given a warning for reckless or unsafe driving. If you are the recipient of the waving black flag you must enter the pit lane and speak to the pit boss. Checkered Flag means end of the race, if you see the checkered flag this means you have one lap left on the course before having to enter the pit.

Capacity of racers is 10-12 per race.

Intentionally bumping into other guests or the barriers will result in expulsion from the attraction without a refund.

Party room bookings and packages are available. Contact Group sales at 780.444.5308 for more details or email

Scores will be visible on your account and an email copy will be sent if guests opt- in for receiving emails when registering for their race account. A print out copy will be provided at the end of each race for every rider.