DRIVE Terms & Conditions

  • All drivers must be 54” inches or 138cm in order to drive. Drivers must be minimum 14 years of age.
  • The maximum weight capacity of the kart is 265lbs or 120kg.
  • Any racer under 18 must have an adult 18+ present to sign their waiver 
  • Remain seated facing forward in an upright position with your back and shoulders against the seat back at all time. Hold on to the steering wheel until you come to a complete stop at the end of your race.
  • Drivers must have the mental, emotional and cognitive skills to understand and follow all rules, operating the kart and follow instructions of the track marshals.
  • Seatbelts must remain properly secured at all times.
  • Approved helmets must be worn. VISORS MUST BE CLEAR IN ORDER TO BE USED ON THE TRACK. No tinted visors permitted. Headwear must not interfere with fit of helmet.
  • Please keep arms and legs inside the kart at all times.
  • All loose clothing and hair longer than shoulder length must be secured. Hair elastics are available from the pit attendant.
  • Guests perceived by the track marshal to be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol will not be permitted to drive.
  • Bumping, pushing with the kart or reckless driving is not permitted. Failure to follow all rules and instructions may result in injury to yourself or others and will result in loss of remaining laps without refund.
  • Drivers must comply with all track marshal instructions at all times.
  • Drivers must be aware that there is an inherent risk in the participation of go-karting. Drivers by participating accept the risks inherent when oneself or other drivers exercise poor judgement, act in an irresponsible manner and disobey oral, written or visual warnings prior to or during participation.
  • Shirt, and closed toe shoes are required. Guest wearing skirts will be provided a race suit.
  • For everyone’s safety, photos and filming are NOT permitted while driving.
  • Please finish all food and drink before entering the kart.
  • Chewing gum is not permitted while driving.
  • Drivers should be in good health and be able to load and unload without assistance in order to be permitted to ride.
  • Race Tickets are non-transferable and refunds are only allowed with at least 48 hour notice

World Waterpark Terms & Conditions


  1. Renter must be over the age of 18. Valid government-issued photo ID is required for verification.
  2. Anyone who misuses their rental space or willfully allows any other person to misuse their rental space will be prosecuted.
  3. Your rental entitles you to the exclusive use of one rental space for the day as well as shared use of a semi-private bathroom.
  4. By purchasing the rental space, you agree to all responsibility for the assigned rental space you are registered to.
  5. West Edmonton Mall is not responsible for lost or stolen property from the rental space you have rented.
  6. Renters shall be responsible for any damage(s) to the rental space after the key has been issued & prior to its return.
  7. Your rental space is non-transferable, non-refundable and may not be resold.
  8. West Edmonton Mall reserves the right to:
    1. refund the purchase price of any rental space and revoke the privileges of a renter at any time without cause, 
    2. request additional personal information from a renter; and,
    3. enter and inspect any rental space at any time for any reason before, during or after use by renters.
  9. To ensure the safety and comfort of our guests, certain slides have height restrictions. All renters are subject to the rules regulations and safety codes of West Edmonton Mall’s parks as posted throughout.
  10. No outside food, beverage is allowed in World Waterpark, including inside rental spaces.
  11. Drug use is not permitted under any circumstances.
  12. All guests of the rental space are required to take a cleansing shower prior to entering the water.


Marine Life Terms & Conditions


Please arrive 5 - 10 minutes prior to the program start time to allow for any unexpected delays. Late arrivals will result in a shorter program. The interpreter will wait 15-minutes after the start time of the program.    After 15-minutes the program will be considered a NO SHOW and not eligible or rescheduling or a refund.


Meeting area

Marine Life Information Centre – please have tickets available for scanning and redemption.


Before Program Starts

Please take children to the washroom; we do not have public washrooms in Marine Life. The closest washrooms are located down the hall towards the Fantasyland Hotel’s or in the Food Court by Urban Behavior



Participating parents or guardians are responsible for the children’s behaviour while in the program. Marine Life staff is not responsible for behavioural management or supervision of children while they are participating in the tour.

Children 12 and younger need to be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18.


Animal Interaction

A staff member will be your guide throughout your program and will provide rules as to how to interact with the animals. Your response and how you interact with the animals, along with the animals’ behaviour will determine how you will interact with the animals. All animal interactions are at the discretion of the staff and are subject to change at any given moment. Exclusive tour does not include a sea lion show

For the health and safety of our animals, please do not tap on enclosure windows.


No Food/Drinks

We have a very strict no food or drink policy in Sea Life Caverns.

No Wheelchair Access

Note that Sea Life Caverns is neither wheelchair nor stroller accessible, please call or email to check for modified Tour opportunities.


Group Participants:

Only children 12 months and younger are not considered group participants.  Children 13 months and older will be counted as a participant for the private tour.


Please note the gates to Sea Life Caverns will be locked to discourage outside participants from entering during your exclusive tour. Participants can notify the Marine Life staff that they need to leave the group so the gate can be unlocked.