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Bar Jack

Scientific Name Caranx ruber

Native To Subtropical and tropical areas of the western Atlantic (from Bermuda to Venezuela)

Habitat Lagoons and coral reefs

Diet Small fish, shrimp and cephalopods

Size and Age Up to 60 cm (23.6 in) long

Natural History

The bar jack is an almond-shaped silvery fish with greyish-blue tints to it. It looks like other jacks, but gets its name from the distinguishing dark bar that runs down its back and into its caudal fin (tail), usually accompanied by a bright blue stripe. These fish are found either solitarily or in groups. As voracious and opportunistic predators, they follow bottom feeders such as stingrays or eels to find food hidden in the substrate.

Least Concern

Conservation Status

Though harvesting might affect local populations of the bar jack, it does not seem to affect their population size.

Interesting Facts

  • The genus of this species was recently changed from Carangoidesto to Caranx.
  • During feeding and cleaning sessions, bar jacks can turn almost black in color—making their blue stripe almost invisible.