Spineless Wonders- AVAILABLE SOON

Did you know that 97% of the animal species in the world have no backbone? Our unique, hands-on Spineless Wonders program is all about our marine invertebrates! Students will observe and touch a wide range of live cold-water animals (a sea star, anemone, sea urchin, sea cucumber and clams). The program introduces participants to invertebrate biology, habitat and conservation of these amazing animals. In addition, students explore the important roles invertebrates play in the ecosystem. Take the ocean to your students and have them experience it by seeing, smelling and touching!


All outreach programs are 45 minutes long, and can be customized to meet the needs of children of all ages - including adults.


First Presentation: $199
Addition Presentation (back-to-back): $99


Prices subject to change without notice | Certain conditions may apply | Prices do not include GST

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