Pina Colada Rooftop Lounge

$325 All-Day Access

  • Semi-private seating area accessible via staircase above the Pina Colada Bar overlooking beach area
  • Private locked storage area (1 key provided)
  • Access to semi-private washrooms throughout the park
  • Limit of 15 people with over 700 sq. ft of space and includes additional soft seating and tables
  • Complimentary towels



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  1. Renter must be over the age of 18. Valid government-issued photo ID is required for verification.
  2. Anyone who misuses their rental space or wilfully allows any other person to misuse their rental space will be prosecuted.
  3. Your rental entitles you to the exclusive use of one rental space for the day as well as shared use of a semi-private bathroom.
  4. By purchasing the rental space, you agree to all responsibility for the assigned rental space you are registered to.
  5. West Edmonton Mall is not responsible for lost or stolen property from the rental space you have rented.
  6. Renters shall be responsible for any damage(s) to the rental space after the key has been issued & prior to its return.
  7. Your rental space is non-transferable, non-refundable and may not be resold.
  8. West Edmonton Mall reserves the right to:
    a. refund the purchase price of any rental space and revoke the privileges of a renter at any time without cause,
    b. request additional personal information from a renter; and,
    c. enter and inspect any rental space at any time for any reason before, during or after use by renters.
  9. To ensure the safety and comfort of our guests, certain slides have height restrictions. All renters are subject to the rules regulations and safety codes of West Edmonton Mall’s parks as posted throughout.
  10. No outside food, beverage is allowed in World Waterpark, including inside rental spaces.
  11. Drug use is not permitted under any circumstances.
  12. All guests of the rental space are required to take a cleansing shower prior to entering the water.


Prices subject to change without notice | Certain conditions may apply | Prices do not include GST