White Spotted Bamboo Shark

Scientific Name Chiloscyllium plagiosum (Name meaning: Genus means "lip shark")

Native To Indo-west Pacific

Habitat Shallow tropical reefs. Spends the day resting in crevices.

Size and Age Average size 60 - 80 cm, maximum size 95 cm.

Natural History

  • Reproduction: Oviparous. Females will typically deposit two leathery egg cases (sometimes called "mermaid's purses") weekly for about 2 months. Pups hatch after an average of 128 days.
  • In 2017, the three females in the bamboo shark touch pool deposited over 150 egg cases between January and July!
  • Poorly understood in the wild. Much of what is known about their biology and reproduction has been learned from individuals under human care.
  • Primary threats include habitat loss, fishing, and marine pollution.

Near Threatened

Interesting Facts

  • This shark's slender body is well adapted to gliding along coral reefs, and they can use their strong pectoral fins to crawl across the ocean floor.
  • Shark scales are sometimes called dermal denticles due to their resemblance to small teeth. These denticles help streamline the shark, and give shark skin its "sandpapery" feel.
  • Mainly feeds on invertebrates and small fish. Their teeth have sharp cusps used for gripping soft prey, and they can also rotate their teeth inward to form a flat plate to crush hard prey.