Black and White Heniochus

Scientific Name Heniochus acuminatus

Native To Tropical areas of the Indo-Pacific from east Africa up north to southern Japan and south to Lord Howe Island.

Habitat Deep lagoons, channels, coastal as well as outer reef slopes

Diet zooplankton, comb jellies, algae, coral, and sessile invertebrates

Size and Age 25 cm (9.8 in)

Natural History

  • Appearance: Black and white heniochus have tall and striped bodies. They have yellow caudal fins with trailing white dorsal fin. Their small mouths are ideal for eating tiny prey and plants on the ocean floor.
  • Behaviour: The black and white heniochus are versatile fish; they can live solitarily, in pairs, or larger groups. Also, they are rather peaceful and can be quite helpful to other fish. Juvenile and even adult heniochus will eat parasitic flatworms from the scales of other fish.
  • Related to: butterflyfish, Family Chaetodontidae

Least Concern

Conservation Status

Despite local decline due to aquarium collecting in the Philippines, widespread range as well as large and stable global population size grant this species a Least Concern rating.

Interesting Facts

  • Also known as the longfin bannerfish
  • Can swim as deep as 75 m (246 ft)