Multi-Play Passes Terms and Conditions

1. The Multi-Play Pass is valid at:

  • West Edmonton Mall parks and attractions, including Galaxyland Amusement Park, World Waterpark, Sea Life Caverns, Sea Lions'
    Rock, The Ship, Ice Palace, Professor Wem's Adventure Golf, Dragon's Tale Blacklight Mini Golf, Crystal Labyrinth and Ed's Bowling,
    during regular operating hours.
  • Drive, Birds of Paradise and Alien Outbreak are not included.
  • It is not valid for either the SkyFlyer Zipline or the Flowrider in World Waterpark.


2. The Multi-Play Pass is valid for:

  • Only the person whose name is printed on the Pass. Anyone who falsifies, forges, counterfeits, alters or tampers with the Pass, willfully allows another person to use it, or impersonates the true cardholder will be prosecuted.
  • Seven consecutive days, three consecutive months or twelve consecutive months from the date of purchase, depending on the type of Pass purchased.


3. The Family Multi-Play Pass is valid for:

  • Up to four members of an immediate family. Family Passes are limited to a maximum of 2 adults over the age of 18. All members must be living in the same household. All names must be listed at the time of Pass purchase. No additions, changes, or exceptions will be made once the sale has been finalized. Additional family members are limited to children under 18, and living in the same household as the family pass members.
  • All MPP cardholders receive 25% off either 3 rides or ½ hour or 1 continuous hour admission on the Flowrider at World Waterpark.
  • All MPP cardholders receive 25% Skyflyer Zipline at World Waterpark ( Currently not unavailable) 
  • All MPP cardholders receive 10% off food and drinks at World Waterpark and Ed’s Bowling. This includes food, snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, and souvenir cups. This discount cannot be used for beer or liquor.


4. The Pass entitles a cardholder to visit any of the parks and attractions listed above in a single day. Limitations are as follows: one entrance per day at the Ship, one round of mini-golf per day at Professor Wem’s Adventure Golf, one round of mini-golf per day at Dragon’s Tale Golf, one entrance daily to Crystal Labyrinth, one Sea Lion Show per day at Sea Lions’ Rock, one hour of bowling including shoe rental at Ed’s Bowling per day and one hour of Billiards for those 18 years or older. Skate Rental is not included at The Ice Palace.

  • The MPP must be scanned at each attraction for admission. Each day, the cardholder will receive an unlimited ride wristband at Galaxyland as well as a wristband at Marine Life and World Waterpark for all-day access.


5. At the time of Pass purchase, a photograph will be taken of the cardholder, printed on the Pass and stored in West Edmonton Mall’s computer system. By purchasing the Pass, the cardholder agrees to give permission to West Edmonton Mall to photograph the cardholder and store the photograph electronically for the purpose of validating the Pass and cardholder. Each time the Pass is redeemed for admission, the card will be scanned and the admittance will be logged in West Edmonton Mall’s database


6. All cardholders are subject to the rules, regulations and safety codes of West Edmonton Mall parks and attractions, such as height and age restrictions. These terms are subject to change without notice. Cardholders are subject to admissions at all parks and attractions on a first-come, first-served basis.


7. West Edmonton Mall reserves the right to terminate any Pass and privileges associated with it at any time, with or without cause; exclude a cardholder from promotional offers directed to the general public; and request additional information from a cardholder.


8. The Pass is property of West Edmonton Mall. It is non-transferable, non-refundable and may not be resold.


9. The Pass may not be used in any promotional manner without prior written consent of West Edmonton Mall Property Inc.


10. If your Multi-Play Pass card is lost or stolen, call 780-444-5321 immediately. A fee of $10 plus GST will be charged to replace a lost, forgotten or stolen card. Proof of identification will be required. There are no exceptions or refunds.

  • A cardholder who has not lost his or her card yet wishes to gain admittance without one will be required to buy a replacement card in order to receive access to the attractions


11. Children two years and under attend parks and attractions for free, excluding Ed’s Bowling.


12. At all parks and attractions, children six years and under MUST be accompanied by a chaperone 18 years or older. Children aged seven to ten MUST be accompanied by a chaperone 16 years or older, and children 11 years and older do not require a chaperone, with the exception of Sea Life Caverns and Sea Lion’s Rock, which require a minimum age of twelve. A paid admission fee for the chaperone may be applicable.


13. There is NO outside food or drink permitted in World Waterpark or Ed’s Bowling.


14. All parks and attractions in West Edmonton Mall are operated by West Edmonton Mall Property Inc. Neither West Edmonton Mall Property Inc. nor its affiliates or contractors, its respective directors, officers, employees or agents, or others used, engaged or employed by West Edmonton Mall Property Inc. shall be liable for any injury, loss or damage to persons or property, howsoever caused, which may occur to or be suffered by any person in, on, using or in conjunction with any premises or devices in West Edmonton Mall, including, without limitation: Galaxyland Amusement Park, World Waterpark, Skyflyer Zipline, Sea Life Caverns, Sea Lions’ Rock, The Ship, Deep Sea Ad.

Terms & Conditions are Subject to change without notice.