Painted Turtle

Scientific Name Chrysemys picta

Native To United States and southern Canada

Habitat Slow moving ponds and streams

Diet Omnivorous – eat insects and vegetation

Size and Age They can grow up to 10 inches long and live 50 years.

Natural History

The Painted Turtle got its name for the bright yellow, red, and orange colouration on its head, neck, and the bottom of its shell. The turtles live in slow-moving bodies of water such as creeks and ponds. In order to avoid predators they will avoid the banks and will bask in the sun by lying on floating vegetation in the middle of the water.

Least Concern

Conservation Status

These turtles are threatened by invasive species (such as the Red Eared Slider) that move into native habitats and out-compete the painted turtles for food and basking spots.

Interesting Facts

  1. Our Painted Turtle is named Picasso after the famous painter.
  2. In some aboriginal traditions, this colourful turtle was seen as a trickster
  3. The top of this turtles shell is completely smooth and flat to make it easier for this turtle to swim