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Ride Closures

The following rides will be closed for annual maintenance during the dates listed. Please note that dates are estimates and may change without notice.

Time Freak and Lazer Vault will be opening at 3pm Monday to Thursday (excluding holidays).

Cosmic Bounce - Dec. 4th - Dec. 22nd

Zero Gravity - Jan. 8th - Feb. 2nd

Autosled - Feb. 5th - Feb. 16th

Moto-Jump Feb. 20th - Feb. 28th

Solar Spinner - Mar. 5th - Mar. 23rd

Balloon Race - Apr. 3rd - May 4th

Swing of the Century - Apr. 9th - May 4th

Galaxy Orbiter - May 7th - May 18th

Galaxy Express - May 23rd - May 24th

Space Shot - May 28th - June 5th

 For futher inquiries, contact Galaxyland Information at 780-444-5391