Jubilations Junior Presents Motel Transylvania

Jubilations Junior Presents Motel Transylvania

Sat, Apr 16 to Sat, Jun 4

Jubilations Junior presents Motel Transylvania!

A production written for kids, and a meal designed with kids in mind! Join us for a fun-filled morning of laughter, music and food! Prices include a 2-act musical comedy for kids, 3-course lunch, and refillable tea and coffee.

What to Expect
-Incredible Experience
-Original Shows
-Delicious Food
-Lasting Memories

What is on the menu?
Our menu selections change with every show. However, it is always a 3 course lunch consisting of a fresh veggie plate, a choice of lunch entrées and a treat bag. There are delicious choices for adults and kids alike, so everyone leaves happy!


Visit jubilations.ca or call Toll Free: 1-877-214-2424 for tickets and more information!

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