Free Whitening Tray and Oral-B Toothbrush!

Free Whitening Tray and Oral-B Toothbrush!

Fri, Oct 20 to Sun, Dec 31

We are delighted to offer you an incredible dental promotion that will brighten your smile and enhance your oral care routine!

For a limited time only, take advantage of our special offer:

A FREE Whitening Tray and an Oral-B Toothbrush!*

To take advantage of this exceptional offer, simply follow these steps:

1. Contact our dental practice and book an appointment for a comprehensive dental examination and cleaning.
2. During your visit, our experienced dental professionals will assess your oral health and discuss your whitening goals.
3. If you are deemed a suitable candidate for teeth whitening, we will prepare your custom Whitening Tray.
4. As our valued patient, you will also receive a complimentary Oral-B Toothbrush, providing you with the ultimate dental care experience.


*Conditions apply. See in store for details. 

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