African Bullfrog

Scientific Name Pyxicephalus adspersus

Native To Sub-saharan Africa

Habitat Grasslands, savannah, and desert

Diet Omnivorous – they will eat anything they can get. They primarily feed on insects, fish, small rodents, other amphibians, plant material

Size and Age Live up to 45 years and males can grow to be 5 pounds

Natural History

During times of drought, these frogs can burrow underneath the ground and stay there for more than a year. They slough off several layers of skin that form a tough cocoon. While underground their bodily functions slow down. This is called estivation.

Least Concern

Conservation Status

Listed as Least Concern by IUCN. While these frogs are losing breeding habitat to urbanization, they are very adaptable and can inhabit a large variety of habitats.

Interesting Facts

  • A female bullfrog will lay up to 4000 eggs in a single clutch.
  • The male bullfrog protects the eggs after they are laid and when they hatch into tadpoles. He may even dig channels in the mud to allow the tadpoles to swim into deeper water.
  • Bullfrogs get their name from the roaring croak sound that males use to attract females. This sound is similar the sound of a bull.