Camp Know Where

Camp Know Where

Sat, Jul 27 to Mon, Sep 16

10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Saturdays - 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.


Learn to code video games like Mad Max and Dustin, make your own Stranger Things minimovie, and play Stranger Things 3: The Game all at your local Microsoft Store’s free Stranger Things-themed STEM summer camps.


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Camp Know Where: Strange-ify Your World
In this camp, we will be encouraging students to use Mixed Reality to insert themselves into the world of Stranger Things. They will be encouraged to create their own creatures for the world, and create a story or adventure that the kids from Hawkins might undertake, whether that might be a journey to the upside down, a trip to the arcade, or whatever else comes to their minds. In the end, they’ll have their own Stranger Things-themed mini movie to show their family and friends.


Camp Know Where: Rule the Arcade
It’s no surprise that the kids in Stranger Things spend a lot of time in the Arcade in Hawkins. It’s even where they meet one of their new best friends, Max; she might be the best video game player the town has ever seen! In this camp, attendees will be told that Hawkins is putting in a new arcade, and they will get to be the ones to design the games to fill it. First they need to learn how: students will put a “Stranger” twist on the games, design their sprites after characters and creatures from the show, and do so through in-world inspired storylines. In the end, they will have a game based on the show that possibly even Mad Max can’t beat.