Free Summer Camps at Microsoft Store

Free Summer Camps at Microsoft Store

Tue, Jul 2 to Fri, Aug 30

During these free summer camps, students ages six and up get hands-on experience with the latest technology as they learn to code or create games harnessing the power of imagination.


Code OhBot the talking robot: Free two-day, two-hour camp teaching students robotics and coding basics using
Ohbot the robot.


MakeCode Arcade Camp: Build video games using block coding in the MakeCode Arcade in four free two-hour sessions.


Gaming and Life Skills: Free camp series where they develop positive life skills like teamwork and reinforce those skills in a competitive gaming tournament.


Harry Potter Creative Coding Workshop: Free foundational computer science workshop using drag-and-drop coding and the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit.


Harry Potter Creative Coding Camp: Free camp introducing coding concepts through the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit, plus campers compete in a group hack-a-thon.


Many more options are available. For more information and to register for a camp, visit: or stop by the store and speak to an associate.