L1 Lounge: Superbowl Sunday
Feb 02 - Feb 02 4:30 p.m. L1 Lounge - lobby of Fantasyland Hotel 780-444-5517

L1 Lounge: Superbowl Sunday

Watch the Superbowl at L1 Lounge with domestic beers and specialty drinks featuring Russian Standard Vodka for only $5.


Russian Standard vodka and clamato with spices, lime and pickled asparagus

Cranberry Kick
Russian Standard vodka, cranberry juice and lime juice

Domestic Draught Beer
Molson Canadian, Rickards White and Coors Light

FOOD $12

Coin Toss Chili Dogs Two premium frankfurters with homemade chili and spicy relish served with fries $12

Quarterback Fish Tacos Three tacos built with cajun seared Basa, cheese, lettuce and tomato salsa $25

The Ultimate Platter Chicken wings, St. Louis style ribs, mozzarella sticks and potato skins